Zip Codes Argentina

In this website you can find all the zip codes from Argentina and lookup any city and street address in Argentina. The Postal Code is a unique number that distinguishes a particular location in the world. Virtually all countries have adopted a postal code system, except for Ireland or Hong Kong for example.

The postal code can consist of numbers and letters or numbers only, this depends on the standard chosen by each country.

Argentina Postal Code

The postal code, also called "CPA" (Argentine Postal Code) or ZIP Code is useful for machining the mail sorting process. Germany was the pioneer in implementing this system followed by USA, around the sixties.

Until 1998 Argentina employed a four-digit postal code for each city, with the first digit representing a region in the country. The unique codes became the base for the newer system, officially called CPA (Código Postal Argentino, Argentine Postal Code)

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